About me - Ivette Farrell

A Genuine Ruby

Hi, my name is Ivette Farrell. I am based out of the Antelope Valley CA, I specialize in studio photography and offer anywhere from portrait, special events to product photography. I'm available to do in studio or any other location photography. I also love fine Art photography and like to capture beautiful landscapes and cities. Please feel free to browse through my Galleries and see which one of my pieces speaks to you. Come check out my studio!! I would love to meet you!



Genuine Ruby Photography and home studio 

Located in West   

Lancaster CA 93534

Husband and I

I have always had a passion for photography, but waited to pursue a career in photography until my kids were older. I'm married and have 3 beautiful children, two of which are adults and one in high school. I believe now is my time to launch my gift from God and go full force into photography.

Throughout our lives I have always manage to capture amazing moments and I know how important photographs can become. Photographs are priceless and bring feelings back and even smells when you go back to view them again and again. That's why I love to capture Genuine moments such as yours, a Genuine moment that is only yours.

My Kids

Genuine Art

I have always loved the outdoors, and photography has encouraged me to capture that perfect view, perfect moment in time that will never be the same again. No matter what you do to capture the same place and moment, there will always be something different. Which makes every photograph anyone takes Genuine in itself. My photos are just that, simply Genuine. 

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